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Landlords can relax with Core, feeling safe and secure with the knowledge that we’ll just take care of it. Your rent will be in your account on time, repairs wil be taken care of quickly and efficiently, and we’ll take care of the paperwork right down to the last dot.

Work with the Experts

If you currently own or intend to purchase residential property for rental in Glasgow, and the west of Scotland area, you should consider engaging our property management service. You’ll find it both professional and cost-effective. As we are specialists, we know how to manage property for optimum performance, whilst ensuring smooth running tenancies, and compliance with the various landlord/tenant laws. Maximise the return on your investment. Below, you’ll find some of the things we do for our Landlords as standard. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Free Agency switcher service.

We make it easy. We often we hear about landlords experiencing concerns about moving their property portfolio to a new Agent.  Changing letting agents is a straightforward process and not as complicated as any poorly performing agent may have you think. At Core, our free switcher service makes your life easy. We will explain your existing obligations and transfer your property into our business with minimal fuss.

When you decide to switch we will:

  • Provide a template email/letter to notify your existing agency you are transferring management to Core and to request the required information for transfer
  • Collect your keys/paperwork
  • Arrange the switching of deposits
  • Contact the current tenants to inform them of the switch, our contact details, how to report repairs and how to pay their rent

After the switch we will:

  • Arrange a visit within the first four weeks to ensure the property is being looked after and report back with photographs
  • Evaluate the rental figure to ensure it is maximised
  • Remit rent to you within 3 days of clearing our account.

Landlord Services

  • Visiting you at your property, and providing a rental valuation and advice
  • Compliance and safety recommendations and advice
  • Locating suitable tenants through our own database and advertising.
  • Property viewings with Tenants
  • References and credit checks
  • Tenancy agreements and renewals
  • Collecting deposits
    • Tenant check-in’s and agreement of the inventory and schedule of condition
    • Transfer of gas, electricity and council tax accounts into the tenant’s name.
    • Rental collection and quick payments
    • Regular property inspections
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Ensuring you get the maximum return on investment

    Portfolio funding

    Having bought, or about to buy your perfect property your attention will naturally turn to arranging your mortgage and that’s where we can help. Choosing a mortgage has always been stressful, but in recent years the market has undergone significant changes. There are so many options available; not just fixed or variable but there are offset mortgages, that set your savings interest against your mortgage interest, and tracker mortgages. It’s also a changeable market with lenders introducing new and withdrawing existing products all the time. Understanding all the different options and deciding which is best for you is where we come in. Having the right (or wrong) mortgage greatly affects your financial situation so choosing the right mortgage adviser to help you find the mortgage that works best for you is crucial. Contact us for help and advice or download our free guide.

    Core TV

    Core are the pioneers of this revolutionary field and are the first Property Rental company in Scotland to implement the ethos of T.V. style viewing. We have teamed-up with Filmworx to offer the digital viewing experience across Central Scotland. Special cameras offering 360-degree views of house interiors could transform the way people look for property. To view a demo of the 360-degree TV tour, click here.

    How it works

    The virtual tours are created using rapid 360-degree imaging iSTAR panoramic cameras, which precisely capture full spherical images of the property.

    Individual panoramic images are ‘stitched’ together – similar to Google Street View – allowing the viewer to move through the property using their mouse or fingertips. “A virtual tour may catch the eye of a tenant who would otherwise have not seen the inside of the house.”

    See example videos

    Landlords Insurance

    Following research from landlords who primarily let to professionals and students, and by comparing products in the market place, Endsleigh have combined their established expertise and research findings to create a comprehensive, value for money insurance product with features such as malicious damage cover and up to 120 days un-occupancy cover for student lets – a feature exclusive to Endsleigh.

    Core Skinny

    Core Skinny – Pounds lighter for our experienced landlords.

    Our Let Only Service is suitable for more experienced Landlords who feel comfortable maintaining relationships with their tenants, collecting rent and managing any property issues themselves. For many Landlords the key attraction of this level of service is that the responsibility for the important task of identifying a suitable and responsible tenant lies with a professional. Many landlords don’t have the time available either to carry out numerous viewings or to receive the multiple calls that will lead to those viewings. Others find the process of meeting prospective tenants and then rejecting them, to be uncomfortable. While some worry that they will immediately ‘like’ someone who turns out not to be untrustworthy.

    Core Furnishings

    At Core we help our Landlords in a wide range of different ways. Core Furnishings can supply Landlords with high quality, long lasting furniture at competitive prices.

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